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Dynamic display

The principle of digital communication?

Ket medi@ is a dynamic display solution dedicated to all points of sale that wish to communicate in the form of multimedia content ! It has the advantages of being more attractive, more flexible and more reactive. The information displayed can be modified in real time without tech skills. Digital signage allows you to target the audience you are addressing, to diversify your communication, to react quickly, and to send messages instantly.

How is it used ?

From your customer account on ket-media, you can manage all your screens in store. Your account allows you to :

  • your screens in real time and remotely,
  • Plan your content,,
  • Quickly update your content

Our interface is accessible directly through a web browser. You don’t need to install any software on your computer, your PC, your tablet or even your smartphone. As soon as you have access to the internet, you can manage your screens by logging in with a unique login and password.

This intuitive management interface gives you access to all of the solution’s features in just a few clicks. Importing content into the library, previewing broadcast content, managing visuals, managing users, etc.

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